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NOTE: * 2022 – 2023 Scholarship Application opens January 1, 2022.*

Below is a list of all Permian Basin Area Foundation scholarships. If you have not previously created a user account, click the Sign Up button to begin the application process. Completion and submission of the General Scholarship Application is a requirement for applicants to be reviewed for scholarships.

All Opportunities
If you have created a user account, click the Sign In button. Please be mindful that the ALL listing shows all Permian Basin Area Foundation scholarships including Apply-To scholarships for which you may not be qualified. Read carefully the criteria for each scholarship before choosing to click Apply. If an applicant submits an application to an Apply-To opportunity for which they have not been recommended, the application will be accepted as Submitted but the applicant will be awarded “0” Qualification Points and will not be considered for the opportunity.

Recommended Apply-To and Automatic Match Opportunities
Once you submit your application, you will have an opportunity to view additional scholarships for which you possibly qualify. In some instances, your application responses result in an Automatic Match; no additional action on your part is required. In other instances, your responses result in recommended Apply-To opportunities, for which you may match qualifying criteria. Click on Recommended in the drop-down menu under Opportunities to see a list of these Apply-To scholarships.

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